David P. Chaney - CPA | Individual Income Tax Return Organizer
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Individual Income Tax Return Organizer

This list is intended to provide a general framework for preparing your tax papers. Other tax issues might be applicable or arise during the course of preparing your return.


  1. Prior year tax return if first time client.
  2. Full legal names as they appear on social security cards, social security numbers and dates of birth for taxpayers and dependents.
  3. Contact information – home address, telephone number and/or email address.
  4. List of dates and amounts of any current year estimated payments.
  5. Bank name, account and routing number if desiring direct deposit of tax refund.


  1. Health savings accounts
  2. Moving expenses if moved further than 50 miles.
  3. Self employed retirement contributions.
  4. Self employed health insurance premiums.
  5. Alimony.
  6. IRA contributions reported on form 5498.
  7. Student loan interest reported on form 1098E.
  8. Tuition and fees at post secondary institution for taxpayers or dependents reported on form 1098T.
  9. Un-reimbursed medical expenses.
  10. State income tax paid.
  11. Sales tax on purchase of vehicle, boat, plane or home remodel.
  12. Property taxes on primary home or secondary home – these will be included on form 1098 provided by your mortgage company if you escrow or you must provide tax receipts if you do not escrow.
  13. Mortgage interest on primary or secondary home reported on form 1098.
  14. Interest paid on money borrowed for investments.
  15. Charitable contributions made by cash.
  16. Charitable contributions of property – for amounts more than $500 in total, must have name and address of recipient. For amounts more than $5,000, must have appraisers report certifying value of donation.
  17. Casualty or theft losses
  18. Un-reimbursed employee expenses – this would include home office expenses if employer does not provide an office, office supplies, cell phone charges, uniforms for work (clothing must only be able to be worn at work such as policeman or fireman’s uniform) meals and entertainment and automobile mileage to name a few.
  19. Tax return preparation fees.
  20. Union dues.
  21. Investment related expenses.
  22. Gambling losses to the extent of gambling winnings.


  1. W-2’s from employers.
  2. 1099INT for interest income or a schedule of interest income if no 1099INT provided by payer.
  3. 1099DIV for dividend income.
  4. 1099B for capital gain transactions along with a gain/loss schedule or cost basis if no gain/loss schedule provided by broker.
  5. Closing statements for purchase or sale of real estate.
  6. 1099MISC for self employment income along with a list of additional income not included on the 1099MISC and expenses that were incurred in producing income. This might include: inventory, payroll, telephone, meals and entertainment, automobile mileage, internet and home office expenses to name a few.
  7. 1099R for pension income and reason for early withdrawal if under age 59 ½.
  8. Rental/royalty income and expenses for income producing real estate.
  9. K-1’s from partnerships, S corporations or trusts.
  10. Income and expenses for agriculture/farm businesses.
  11. 1099 for unemployment compensation.
  12. Social security statement if receiving benefits.
  13. Any other sources of income not included above such as gambling winnings, state income tax refunds or any other source of income.

Tax Credits

  1. Foreign tax credit – amount of income from foreign sources, name of country and amount of tax paid.
  2. Child care credit – amount paid per child and name, address and tax identification number of recipient.
  3. Hybrid vehicle credit – did you buy a hybrid vehicle during the tax year. If so, please provide a copy of the invoice.